Friday, August 10, 2007

Sivena saha narthanam

I heard that love should be like the leaves on a tree,
Natural, vital, mortal.
But I had not wanted my love to dance to the seasons
I waited.

I heard that love is a surrendering
Self-less, humble, gentle.
But I could never stoop, give away my pride or give up fighting
I remained.

I have also heard that love is an escape
Freedom, effortless, a pastime.
But I found myself trapped inside my labors to love, to glorify my ordinary.
I struggled.

I am told that love alters intricate paths, strews blossoms over thorns
Sooths, consoles, pacifies.
But I hated you for the joy-less noons, for the dirty morns and painful nights.
I hated.

That is how I found you, my love
Through my fantasies, beyond your realities
Between our battles, among our bruises
Alive, bleeding, laughing and proud.

Did you think I dreamed of love? Did you wonder at my imagination?
You missed my sigh last night, after you had turned to sleep.
I hadn’t dreamt of mirages dear; you are my desert and fountainhead.
My love story is real.
It is our rhythm I am dancing to.

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